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Evidence-based Shared Decisions



CHADIS FAQs                   

“Is CHADIS HIPAA Compliant?” Absolutely! CHADIS is fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant. It also meets the school security standards of FERPA.

“Is CHADIS multilingual?”                    The main CHADIS interface can be viewed by patients in both English and Spanish with core questionnaires available in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and French.  Questionnaire results are shown to the clinician in English regardless of the language used to complete them.

“How does CHADIS work?”  View this "Mini Demonstration" to see how CHADIS is used by a parent and received by a physician.

“Is CHADIS integrated with any EHRs?”  While CHADIS can be used as a stand alone using copy-paste or pdf upload and does not require integration with an EHR, CHADIS is currently integrated with Allscripts – Touchworks EHR and Professional EHR , eClinicalWorks (beta), athenahealth EHR (pilot) and Office Practicum. Integration with Epic and Cerner are available on a per site basis. Plus, more integrations are in the works!

“Which billing codes can I use to bill for screens?”                                                                                                                      There are over 100 billable screens: Developmental Screening – 96110; Mental Health Screening – 96127 and Health Risk 99420, etc.; More Complex billing - 99214 and 99215, is justified using Review of Systems and Family & Social Histories. Often screening codes can be billed several times at health supervision visits and this is generally true for problem visits, e.g., Vanderbilt for ADHD, though payments through private insurers varies by state. Medicaid pays these codes in almost every state.

“Why should clinicians view the results themselves within CHADIS?”     
When the clinician logs into the CHADIS website s/he can:

  • Look at details of questions and answers of tools
  • Complete M-CHAT Follow Up in minutes with one click
  • Use Clinician Tools during the visit e.g. CARS, CRAFFT
  • View graphic display for some tools eg ASQ, Vanderbilt, PACCI*
  • Access resources for the patient and assign them to MemoryBook Care Portal
  • Access eChapters and other reference materials related to the results
  • Access Patient Specific Templates to provide guideline-based care easily
  • Document clinician actions needed for Part 4 Maintenance of Certification credit

"How do providers login to CHADIS to see their patient's questionnaire results?"
Play this video

“Who do I contact to see a demonstration?” Your regional sales representative, click here.

Supporter Testimonials

Dr. Ari Silver-Isenstadt
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

"CHADIS has been a great timesaver and has improved the quality of the care that I deliver in the office. I used to have a large stack of paper on my desk, of questionnaires and surveys, that needed to be scored and evaluated. With CHADIS that paper has all disappeared because the parents complete those surveys and the scoring is done automatically and is imported into Office Practicum. That benefit in and of itself is worth the investment."

Dr. Robert Stephens
Cornerstone Pediatrics, Sequin, Tx

"Getting CHADIS is definitely worthwhile. If you were to take each of those questionnaires and buy them individually, at an online pre-visit basis, the cost is actually cheaper through CHADIS."

Dr. Selam Bullock
Kids' First Pediatric, Raleigh, NC

"My short time experience with CHADIS integrated has been great!  It’s a product that actually does what it says it will do!  I am really liking this product!  The discrete data elements and the ease of use have made the transition rather painless."

Becky Senesac, CPC, EFPM
Primary Care Health Partners, Williston, VT

“We have been using CHADIS for 5 years.  The recent interface between Allscripts Pro and CHADIS has had a positive impact on our clinic, for the questionnaires that are supported.  Prior to the interface, almost 100% of our questionnaires were completed in the office.  Now we are seeing an increasing percentage of questionnaires being completed at home. We find it is fairly seamless now. [This is a] significant savings of work and time…”

Grace Stout, Practice Manager
The Children's Clinic, Anchorage, AK

“Dr. Lindgren’s patients access a cool web tool, called CHADIS, that allows them to help him screen for all kinds of conditions including developmental delays, behavioral issues, or even learning problems.  You see, this doc is big into prevention. But it’s hard to get the info he needs in a regular office visit since parents often have their hands full with a sick child.  Now his patients can be way ahead of the game and parents love it.”

Dr. Carl Lindgren
Healthy Futures Pediatrics

CHADIS has been a really great resource for my practice. With CHADIS, I have access to a comprehensive list of screening and assessment tools. I can use the tools to accomplish multiple goals, including early screening and intervention. As a physician, I know that early intervention DOES WORK!



Janice Loeffler, MD

Treehouse Pediatrics has used Chadis as a part of its day to day operations for the past couple of years. We have found it to be a tremendous asset in our operational efficiencies.  Parents appreciate the convenience of completing their child’s developmental, ADHD, and asthma questionnaires at home, and it has proven to help make all of our visits requiring questionnaires run more smoothly.  Furthermore, we appreciate the interpretation and documentation that Chadis provides for these questionnaires. We feel that Chadis has become an integral part of our operational efficiencies.  We do not know what we would do without it.

Bill James, MHA
Treehouse Pediatrics

“I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful opportunity…so so helpful for me to better understand my patient, and to have ideas on where to go next. So thank you so much for a really incredible opportunity to be part of CHADIS.”

Laura Lieberman, MD